Thursday, June 8, 2017

Basic Tips For Pool Safety

By Staci Brandenburg, R.N.

Summer is quickly approaching.  As the weather gets warmer, more people are swimming, especially since it is a fun way to exercise.  People may swim in public pools or private pools.  Wherever you choose to swim, make it safe.

Here are some safety tips to help you this summer: 

·      Make sure someone who knows what they are doing with the chemicals handles them.
·      Sick people need to stay out of the pool.  The chemicals will not kill all the bacteria and viruses!
·      Shower before you swim to remove bacteria and make sure the little ones' diapers are clean and dry.
·      Make sure to apply sunscreen before swimming and every 2 hours while swimming.
·      Children need to be supervised at the pool.  Lifeguards are great; however, if the child does not swim well, it is wise for a family member or friend who can swim to watch them, as well.
·      Teach children how to swim.
·      Teach children to stay away from the pool drains and check that the drains are covered.
·      Know how to do CPR. (Contact your local Red Cross about a class.)
·      Take the children to the bathroom frequently and change the diapers frequently, maybe even hourly. 
·      Discourage people from using the pool as the bathroom.
·      Do not swallow the pool water.
·      Drink plenty of clean water.
·      Pools should have life rings and swimming hooks available for water rescue.

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